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Create your own electrosmog-free spaces

Whether it's a relaxation space or a work space, reducing electrosmog is possible by using technology more intelligently and eliminating any external sources of electromagnetic radiation.

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Effects of electromagnetic fields on sleep and cognitive performance

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Zurich showed in 2007 that certain adverse effects on brain physiology are dependent on the dose of electromagnetic radiation to which one is exposed. In particular the effects on sleep [...].

Cognitive impairment and neurogenotoxic effects in rats exposed to low-intensity radiation

The University of Delhi, India, conducted a relatively elaborate study in 2015 in which they exposed 24 mice to very low levels of electromagnetic radiation. The results showed a decline in cognitive function, elevated HSP70 levels, and DNA damage in brain cells [...].

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  • Adapting private or business spaces to smart and healthy use of technology, eliminating sources of electrosmog.
  • Individualized strategies for reducing and shielding electromagnetic radiation from outside sources (adjacent apartments or offices, antennas, smart-devices, etc.).


  • Detection of indoor and outdoor sources of electromagnetic radiation such as routers, phones, smart-devices, antennas, etc.
  • Detection of low frequency magnetic and electric fields such as high voltage lines and electric motors.

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