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How to recognize external sources of electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog)

Recognizing sources of electrosmog outside your private environment allows you to quantify the intensity of radiation to which you are exposed and possibly put in place shielding systems that protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

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Electromagnetic radiation health effects assessed by BERENIS experts commissioned by the Swiss federal government

The reports prepared by the BERENIS Expert Panel appointed by the Federal Environmental Bureau are an excellent resource for those still skeptical about the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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Wire devices and turn off home Wi-Fi to reduce electromagnetic radiation

The wide availability of wireless electronic devices has made internet access more convenient and easier than ever. However, scientific studies reveal the negative effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by wireless devices on our health.

This article will guide you in finding a practical solution that will allow you to connect your devices to the internet without using Wi-Fi, thus reducing your exposure to electrosmog.

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How to reduce the radiation emitted by your phone (electrosmog)

This article shows the electromagnetic radiation produced by an iPhone phone in various modes of operation.

Understanding how Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and phone network connections work allows you to identify which connections you really need and disable all others. This method dramatically reduces your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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Location and number of telephone antennas in Switzerland: 34,000 in 2019

The data published by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications allows you to access the exact location of the antennas and to quantify the relative power emitted.

If in the map below you look for the places where you spend more time you can easily quantify your exposure to electrosmog created by telephone antennas. By clicking on the symbol of the antenna you can also see the technology and the intensity of the emitted power.

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Cognitive impairment and neurogenotoxic effects in rats exposed to low-intensity radiation (electrosmog)

The University of Delhi, India, conducted a relatively elaborate study in 2015 in which they exposed 24 rats to very low levels of electromagnetic radiation for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The researchers, after 180 days of study, quantified the rats’ cognitive function, levels of heat shock protein 70, and DNA damage in brain cells.

The results showed a decline in cognitive function, elevated HSP70 levels and DNA damage in brain cells of animals exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

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Effects of electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) on sleep and cognitive performance

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Zurich demonstrated in 2007 that certain adverse effects on brain physiology are dependent on the dose of electromagnetic radiation to which one is exposed.